Theresam Farm Group LLC

Upper Marlboro, MD

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Theresam Farm Group LLC in Prince George's County, MD is a social enterprise founded by Ergibe Boyd, a retired U.S. diplomat who worked in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. She followed her lifelong dream to pursue agriculture after her retirement and began growing vegetables on the 22+ acre farm she has owned for 31 years.

The farm's specialties are African heritage produce: callaloo (amaranth greens, pictured below), gomen (Ethiopian collards), Malabar spinach, bitter leaf, huckleberry leaf, jute leaf, potato leaf, and more.

These unique, vitamin-rich crops are prized for their medicinal and culinary properties alike and have been traditionally enjoyed by African natives. Theresam also produces several varieties of hot peppers such as scotch bonnets, kale, chard, tomatoes, squashes, and watermelon - and raw honey, too.


We've had the pleasure of offering Theresam's huckleberries and their unique and beautiful sweet potato greens, pictured in the heading. That's right - sweet potato leaves, not just the roots, are edible! They're loaded with nutrients and have beautiful flowers, because the plant is in the morning glory family. Theresam's huckleberries can be frozen for up to year if stored in resealable plastic bags. A bit of fresh lemon or lime juice helps preserve their natural acidity for future baking projects.

A portion of the proceeds from Theresam Farm Group LLC sales go toward Ms. Boyd's One Child at a Time project, which aims to help socioeconomically disadvantaged youth aged 15-19 gain employment and procure educational opportunities. The program provides jobs to finance education and training as well as a Scholarship Fund. 

We look forward to continue working with Theresam Farm Group LLC to provide something different and delicious in your Produce Bag.

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